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Our memories are far from perfect. Recite gives you tools to archive the web and bring lessons learned to your future.

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Know the past. Plan the future.

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Collect Collect
Recite gives you the power to collect the web pages you want to track. You define the list of URLs to be archived, the frequency of archival, and the devies to emulate. You can also choose to be notified when new archives are collected.
Archive Archive
Recite presents an overview of your archive in a Dashboard. Each Recital is shown in a tile with the latest captured page's thumbnail displayed. The Dashboard provides quick links to create or edit Recitals and to search or browse your archive.
Compare Compare
Recite provides easy ways to search and browse through your archive. Archived pages can be compared side by side to see what has changed on a page. You can also compare how your site stacked up to the competition in the past.
Analyze Analyze
Recite delivers compelling analysis tools and makes the evolution of often subtle visual changes easy to detect. For instance, you can overlay two pages to see differences and you can highlight changes with the click of a button.
Walk the Store
Successful brick and mortar retailers follow a best practice called “walking the store.” Store walks provide mission critical insights into how products are presented, expose issues with store signage, identify maintenance issues, etc. Does walking the store apply to online retailers? The answer is clearly yes and Recite can help. Read more details in our Walk the Store Use Case.
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Retail annual sales goals often hinge on a few key selling seasons. Merchants can easily lose sight of what customers experienced during these times in past years. A picture is worth a thousand words! Recite allows you to archive pages on your site to capture what customers actually saw as they browsed. See examples in our Campaign and Promotion Planning Use Case.
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Campaign and Promotion Planning
Track Site Design Changes
Successful online retailers obsess about their site design. Most ecommerce sites rely on some form of split testing to allow customers to have the final say in whether changes are working and to mitigate risks. How can Recite help? Well, to find your way forward you must know where you’ve been! See how Recite can assist you with Conversion Rate Optimization in our Track Site Design Changes Use Case.
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Retailers take on legal responsibilities when they do business online and need help in this area because regulations can vary by state - and they’re constantly changing! It’s important to track changes to policies over time. Recite can make a huge difference when tracking content related to regulatory compliance, terms of use and corporate policies. See how we can help in our Ethics, Compliance and Policies Use Case.
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Ethics, Compliance and Policies
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